Unmasking Pests: Greenix’s Elite Pest Detectives on the Case!

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Private Pest Investigators

Pest control may seem straightforward and simple. Many people even believe that they can do it on their own because killing some bugs here and there doesn’t seem so hard. 

The reality is, pest experts are more than just exterminators – they are true detectives on the prowl! With their Sherlock-like skills, our inspectors perform a 20-point pest investigation, revealing the hidden villains behind those late-night scurries and mysterious bites.

Pest Detectives, Assemble!

Armed with a keen eye and a sense of adventure, the Greenix team embarks on an epic investigation of your property. From the attic to the basement, nothing escapes their watchful gaze.

Where you see that old pile of wood next to your house, we see all the potential pest problems that could arise: insects hiding beneath because of the moisture, wood-eating pests like termites, and even rodents who are looking for something hard to gnaw on. Let us take on the case!

Clues from Our Investigation

Like true detectives, our inspectors follow the trail of evidence left behind by these clever critters. They decipher subtle signs like chewed wires, tiny droppings, and mysterious tracks. No tiny clue goes unnoticed as they piece together the puzzle of your pest problem. 

Treating our inspections like an investigation, we are able to uncover the current pest activity, and we help to avoid future pest activity. From mischievous mice to cunning cockroaches, Greenix’s pest detectives know how to read the writing on the wall!

Stealthy Invaders

Ever wonder why you catch a glimpse of pests darting away whenever you turn on the lights? These crafty invaders are experts in the art of concealment. But fear not, for our pest detectives are one step ahead! They can spot pests where others see only shadows. 

Many people don’t realize that they have an infestation until it’s caused severe damage, or they think they have gotten rid of infestations with DIY solutions that don’t actually treat the source of the problem. With a nose for sniffing out these stealthy critters, the Greenix team can find pests and send them packing!

A Tale of Two Inspections

The difference between a standard inspection and a Greenix pest detective’s investigation is like comparing a haiku to a thrilling mystery novel! While others may take a cursory glance, our detectives dive deep into the plot of your pest problem. With a 20-point inspection checklist, they leave no stone unturned, ensuring not a single creepy crawler escapes their radar.

With deeper inspection comes target treatments! The Greenix super-sleuths are able to use less solution by providing your home with targeted care, outsmarting the pests at every turn.

Case Closed and Pests Exposed!

The next time you hear mysterious sounds in the night or spot tiny tracks, don’t hesitate to call on the heroes of pest control – Greenix’s Pest Detectives are here to save the day!

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