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Cicada-palooza: The Buzzing Bash of the Century!

This year, one of the most rare events in the world of pests is taking place across 16 different states! As pest nerds, the Greenix team couldn't be more excited about the upcoming phenomenon. Two different broods of cicadas will be emerging simultaneously for the first time in over 200 years, making this a once-in-a-lifetime event!

Because May will see the onset of trillions of cicadas, we want to help you prepare your property for what's to come.

Cicadas 101

This season, the cicadas you see can be identified by their red eyes and black bodies, almost like massive horse flies. If their bodies falling from the trees don't tell you their whereabouts, their unique sound certainly will.

With so many, avoiding the different sounds that cicadas make will be nearly impossible. They buzz, squawk, chirp, tick, and whine, creating quite the symphony!

Their lifespan can range from 2 to 17 years. They spend most of their lives burrowed underground, waiting for the perfect temperatures to emerge. When they surface, they lay their eggs, typically in trees but sometimes in smaller plants.

**FUN FACT: Cicadas provide a number of environmental benefits. They serve as food for birds, aerate lawns, and can add nutrients to soil when they decompose! If you have cicadas in your garden, they may end up making your plants stronger in the long run!

Understanding the Cicada Surge

While cicadas aren't all that uncommon, the syncing of two different broods is a remarkable event. Many states across the U.S. are accustomed to seeing cicadas every 2-7 years, but these two particular broods are 13 and 17-year broods that only cross paths every 221 years! That means double the cicadas and double the noise!

Front Row Seats: Where to Witness the Cicada Concert

There are 16 states that are predicted to experience the incredible emergence of Broods XIX and XIII. The event of the decade, even the century, is predicted to begin in May and carry on for four to six weeks.

Keeping Your Home Cicada-Free (Without Missing the Show)

While this is an exciting time for the folks at Greenix who can't wait to witness this phenomenon, it can be a nuisance to our community members. Here are some tips to keep the cicadas at bay:

  • Secure Windows and Doors - While they aren't typically looking for a way inside, it's still good to make sure your home is secured from the wandering cicada.

  • Use Mesh Netting - Cover your small plants and trees with mesh netting to prevent cicadas from making a breeding ground of your yard.

  • Hose Your Yard Down - Spraying your plants with water isn't just good for the plants; it can deter and rid your plants of cicadas that have found their way into your yard.

  • Use Natural Scents - Cicadas don't like the smell of vinegar, peppermint, or eucalyptus, so using essential oils and vinegar around your yard can help prevent them from coming around.

Embracing the Buzz This Cicada Season

While it may sound intimidating, the upcoming surge in cicadas is nothing to be afraid of! There are plenty of ways to limit the amount of cicadas that find their way into your yard, and they will only be here for a short time.

Buckle up, because it's going to be quite a show that won't happen again for more than 200 years! If you live somewhere where cicadas come out, you're in for a pretty cool treat.

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