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If you’ve ever set foot in a basement, attic, or garage, you’ve likely come across a spider or two. These eight-legged creepy crawlers like to stow away in dark, quiet places, away from humans and animals. You’ve likely also noticed their telltale spiderwebs, which are sticky traps that spiders use to gather prey. 

Spiders are classified as arachnids, a group of invertebrates with jointed legs that also includes scorpions, mites, and ticks. Most spiders are completely harmless to humans, though a few varieties of spiders have a deadly bite – the brown recluse and black widow spiders being the most common. 

Seeing a house spider every now and then is fairly normal, but seeing spiders frequently can be a sign of a larger problem. If you’ve been noticing spiders in the house, contact our pest professionals at Greenix Pest Control to schedule your free inspection today.

How To Identify Spiders

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of spiders are their eight legs. While not all eight-legged creatures are spiders, all spiders have eight legs – making them quick and agile, able to scurry around your house and avoid detection.  Spiders come in many different shapes and sizes, though the spiders you’ll likely see inside your house are usually on the smaller side. If you see a brown or gray bug with eight legs, it’s most likely a spider. Here are a few of the most common types of spiders found in homes across the United States.

Common House Spiders

As the name suggests, common house spiders are the most common species of spiders found in homes in the United States. If you’re seeing spiders in the house, they’re most likely common house spiders: harmless pests that like to build webs and wait for food. These spiders are small – less than half an inch, even the females (the larger of the two). Their bodies are usually grayish-brown, with dark rings on their legs.

Jumping Spiders

Jumping spiders are easily recognizable by their eyes. Unlike many other spiders, jumping spiders have forward-facing eyes, to help them hunt their prey. As you probably could guess, these spiders like to jump. Jumping spiders can jump up to six inches in order to catch their prey.

Harvestmen Spiders (Daddy Long Legs)

Harvestmen or “Daddy Long-Legs,” might be one of the most iconic spiders, but they aren’t technically spiders. Unlike spiders, harvestmen only have two eyes, instead of the requisite eight, and they do not have silk glands. Still, they have eight long, spindly legs, and like to spend time in cool, dark places.

Why Are There Spiders in My House?

While it might seem like spiders come out of nowhere every fall, it’s likely that they’ve been hiding out in your house for a while. Spiders typically search for a mate once summer ends, so you might see more spider activity one the weather cools down. However, there are a few reasons why spiders might be coming into your house.

Entry Points

If there are cracks in the foundation of your house, or leaks in your window seals, spiders can sneak into your home. To prevent this, consider hiring a pest control company to survey your house for potential entrances.


Spiders love to hide. When there’s a particular area of your house that is full of boxes, unused furniture, or other stored items, it’s a good place for spiders to make a home. Keeping your rooms free of nooks and crannies, and regularly dusting and vacuuming can go a long way to preventing house spiders, but most likely won’t totally eliminate the problem.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

While there are store-bought solutions for house spiders, such as sprays and traps, they can only do so much. The most effective way to get rid of spiders in the house is professional pest control – a dedicated team can identify the specific problem areas in your home, and apply tested, eco-friendly spider control treatments to make your home spider-free.

Get Rid of Spiders With Greenix Pest Control

Nobody likes having spiders in their house. They build webs all over the place, pop out when you least expect it, and disappear before you can grab the nearest shoe.  If you’re looking for effective spider control that will help keep your home free of creepy crawlers, we have the solutions you need. If you’re ready to take your home back, find your closest Greenix team and schedule your free inspection today!  

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