Your Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

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With warm weather on the horizon, you’ve probably started planning the areas of your home you want to focus on for spring cleaning. However, it’s important to keep in mind that spring cleaning includes more than closet cleanouts and laundry lists. As snow and ice melt away, pests are on the lookout for places to settle for the season and reproduce — if you don’t take steps to prevent it, your house or yard may become their next home. 

This outdoor spring cleaning checklist from the experts at Greenix Pest Control will help you address areas in and around your home that have the potential to attract uninvited pests. 

Take Care of Clutter

In their search for housing, pests look for one thing above the rest — clutter. Trash can lids, wood stacks, recycling piles, and more offer the cool, hidden environments pests need to thrive. The easiest step to preventing pests this summer is cleaning up this clutter or moving items, like wood, away from your home. 

Tidy Your Landscaping

As you prep your lawn and landscaping for the summer, take note of possible areas for bugs to settle. Sticks or natural waste on the lawn or overgrown greenery create an ideal place for pests to settle into. Bushes brushing the side of your house and tree limbs hanging over the roof also make an easy entry point for bugs, rodents, and birds. 

Additionally, look for any small spaces where pests may enter your home, garage, or shed. Taking the time to block off or seal up these holes now will save you stress later. 

Eliminate Standing Water

Water is a huge attractor for all sorts of summertime menaces, but none so prevalent as mosquitoes. Once a colony has settled, it can be very difficult to eradicate. 

Mosquitoes lay their larvae in stagnant water, like ponds, bird baths, or pooled water on structures and debris. Remove these factors where possible, and change or remove water regularly in other places. For ponds, look into safe pre-treatment chemicals that prevent mosquitoes without harming other life.

Clean Your Gutters

Clogged gutters lead to standing water, which ultimately attracts mosquitoes and other pests that are in need of a water source. Carefully open up these lines of drainage for greater pest prevention. 

While you’re cleaning the area, point gutter spouts away from your house to protect against pooling water or water damage.

Skip the Mulch

Pests — especially termites — are drawn to moist, fresh mulch. Forgo mulch where possible, and try not to overdo it in other spaces. While it’s impossible to completely mitigate the risk of termites, adding a buffer of space between much and the structure of your home may delay an infestation. Gravel or rubber mulch are also great alternatives to traditional wood mulch. 

Get a Headstart on Your Garden

Early treatment of your garden and landscaping will give you a leg up against pests. The service professionals at Greenix have the training and experience to develop a personalized prevention plan for your home and treat areas that are at risk of an infestation. With our eco-friendly options and commitment to your home, you’ll be enjoying a pest-free summer in no time.

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