DIY Pest Control Tips for a Bug-Free Haven

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Tips For Gardeners

Welcome to Greenix’s bug-banishing corner, where we offer tips on how you can team up with the Greenix Service Pros for an even stronger pest defense. In this blog, we’re sharing our favorite DIY pest control tips that incorporate natural solutions and preventive measures to help extend the life of your latest pest control treatment. Let’s dive in and create a bug-free haven together!

The Power of Prevention

Before the bugs even think about moving in, let’s make sure they get the message loud and clear: your home is off-limits! Start by sealing the obvious cracks and crevices that serve as pest entry points. Install screens on windows and doors, and fix leaks to deny them access to water sources. Prevention is your best friend in the battle against pests. Greenix can help identify and seal these entryways with our exclusion service.

Natural Solutions in Your Pantry

Your kitchen isn’t just for cooking – it’s also a treasure trove of natural pest repellents! Citrus peels, vinegar, and essential oils like peppermint and eucalyptus are fantastic at deterring bugs. Create DIY sprays by mixing these ingredients with water, and you’ll have an arsenal of eco-friendly bug repellents at your disposal. To learn more about using essential oils for pest control, check out our blog post!

Declutter and Cleanse

Bugs love a good hiding spot, so let’s not give them any! Regular cleaning and decluttering go a long way in keeping pests at bay. 
  • Dust, vacuum, and wipe down surfaces regularly
  • Store food in airtight containers to discourage hungry invaders
  • Don’t forget to remove standing water – a bug oasis in waiting

Garden Guardians

Did you know your garden can help you fend off unwanted critters? Plant herbs like basil, rosemary, and lavender to naturally repel certain insects. Marigolds not only add a pop of color but also deter pests like aphids.

Why Professional Pest Control?

We like to think of these DIY pest control tips as companions to your seasonal professional pest control treatments. Our Service Pros are highly trained and use professional-grade products, but unfortunately, they can’t pick up after your toddlers or clean your pantry. With a little teamwork, your pest defense will be even more effective, reducing the likelihood of you ever seeing pests in your home.

The Greenix Difference

When you opt for professional pest control with Greenix, you’re choosing a treatment option that combines expertise, technology, and green methods. Greenix’s professional exterminators understand the behaviors and patterns of common pests, eliminating them with ease. When you find yourself looking for options to help you maintain the life of your last pest control treatment, knowing some DIY pest control tips can make a big difference for you!  From preventive measures to natural remedies, your bug-free haven is within reach. And when the going gets tough, Greenix’s professional pest control paired with some DIY methods will ensure your sanctuary remains free of unwelcome guests, all year long.  

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