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Rodent Control in Cincinnati

Known for causing tons of damage, creating extremely unhealthy living environments for residents throughout the U.S., and finding creative ways to get into all of your food, rodents have no place in your home. Here at Greenix Pest Control in Cincinnati, your rodent problems are our rodent problems — and our team of highly-trained and fully-qualified technicians are prepared to handle any rodent infestation, no matter how big or small.  Greenix Pest Control is equipped with the sustainable rodent infestation solutions and the equipment necessary to get the job done right the first time. Our rodent control services in the area include:

Give our Cincinnati pest control team a call for pricing and to set up your first appointment today!

Signs You Have a Rodent Problem

Rodents are great at avoiding humans, meaning you may never see a rat or mouse in your home until the infestation has reached severe levels. Because of this it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for other signs of a rat or mouse outbreak in your Cincinnati home, which include:

  • Food damage: Rodents will commonly go searching for food in your pantry at night, when they feel safest. If you discover food packaging that has been chewed on or droppings scattered around your food, the most likely cause is rodents.
  • Property damage: Rodents are constantly finding new things to chew on in order to keep their incisor teeth sharp. If you have discovered exposed wires or find that the insulation, walls, floorboards, wooden beams, or any other item in your home has been chewed on, it’s time to schedule an inspection.
  • Strange pet behavior: Pets are often able to sense things that we cannot thanks to their enhanced senses. If your pet is fixating on specific areas in your home for no apparent reason, you might want to call our pest experts.
  • Odd sounds: If you can hear scurrying, scampering, or tapping sounds within your walls or in the basement, there’s a good chance that rodents are the source.
  • Foul smells: Rodents leave behind a ton of droppings and puddles of urine when infesting your home, creating a very strong, musty odor. If no amount of cleaning is clearing up that awful smell in your home, you might have an infestation.
Whether you suspect there are rodents hiding in the wall or have seen a quartet of rats performing their favorite dances from The Nutcracker in your basement, Greenix Pest Control has a solution. Our Cincinnati rodent control pros are skilled in locating and identifying infestations and developing customized, effective treatment plans to fix your problem once and for all.

Can I handle a rodent infestation on my own?

Known to carry and transmit more than 35 different types of harmful diseases worldwide, rodents are the kind of pest that you want to avoid. Whether they are transmitting diseases, spreading tons of harmful bacteria, bringing trash into your home, leaving behind piles of feces and urine, and carrying fleas and ticks, rodents are the last thing you want to share a home with. They create an incredibly unhealthy environment, and because of this they should only be handled by trained professionals. 

Not only is it unsafe to attempt to treat a rodent infestation on your own, but it is highly likely that you won’t succeed. It can be difficult to reach the areas that rodents are hiding, and many over-the-counter rodent control products are ineffective, leaving homeowners frustrated and defeated. Instead of risking your health and wasting money on ineffective solutions, bring in a team of trained professionals.

Some of the key benefits of hiring Greenix’s Cincinnati rodent control professionals include:
  • A staff equipped with professional-grade products and treatment systems
  • All of our services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 
  • We offer four season protection against pests
  • Free re-servicing in the event that your rodent problems resurface
  • We offer free home inspections
  • We proudly offer responsible and sustainable services

Schedule Your Rodent Control Service in Cincinnati with Greenix

Let’s face it: finding a rodent in your home can be terrifying. After the “AAAH”s and “EEEK”s while standing on top of the kitchen table are over, give Greenix Pest Control a call — our expert team will identify where the infestation is occurring, and put an end to the rodent rumble in your walls once and for all. Kick those rodents to the curb and get your peace of mind — get pricing for rodent control in Cincinnati today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need service professionals for my rodent infestation?

Not only can rodents cause expensive damages to your home and contaminate your food, but they can also carry a wide variety of diseases, fleas and ticks, and more. Because of their dangerous nature, the degree of difficulty in reaching their hiding spots, and the ineffective nature of DIY rodent control, it’s best to call in the experts at Greenix Pest Control to handle your Cincinnati rodent infestation.

How will my home be treated for rodents?

If you have an army of rats, mice, or voles taking over your Cincinnati home, its best to have an effective plan of attack to kick them to the curb for good. Greenix has developed a tried-and-true five-step process that covers everything from cleaning your home to eliminating the rodent’s point of entry, so you can sit back and relax while the experts go to work.


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  1. Eave Sweep and Dust
  2. Crack and Crevice Treatment
  3. Exterior Perimeter Spray
  4. Granular Pest Barrier
  5. Home Interior Protection

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