Rodent Control in Pittsburgh

Greenix Pest Control Offers Rodent Removal for All Unwanted House Guests

As hard as it may be to believe, as many as 82% of American homes have some amount of mice remnants in them. Fortunately, Greenix Pest Control is here to help keep your home clean and safe from mice and all other rodents. Our Pittsburgh rodent control approach involves a foolproof three-step process of initial treatment, robust follow-up, and recurring service, so your mice, or rat problem is eliminated for good. We guarantee that this method will reduce the presence of rodents on your property by at least 85-90%, and if they do come back, we will be there to finish the job. While many pest control companies use nasty, toxic treatments to get rid of rodents, our innovative treatments are sustainable and safe for everyone on your property. Call today to protect your home from mice, rats, and more, and find out what expert rodent control in Pittsburgh looks like firsthand.

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Call Greenix Pest Control to Prepare for Rodent Season

Rodent season generally begins in late fall/early winter, when the weather starts to get cold and rodents begin looking for available shelter and food sources. This is what drives rodents inside, however, they can continue to wreak havoc on your property throughout spring and sometimes even summer. Fortunately, Greenix Pest Control provides comprehensive treatment and removal for a full range of rodents. Our pest control experts are also equipped with the latest tools and industry-leading technology, and every one of our team members is fully trained to eliminate rodents quickly and thoroughly.

Greenix Pest Control is available for:

  • Pittsburgh Rat Control: Rats are definitely among the most feared rodents, given their size and capability for destruction. These rodents can be found in a range of areas across the U.S., such as homes, warehouses, garbage dumps, office buildings, and more. In your house, the places you are most likely to find rats include cellars, cupboards, and roof spaces.
  • Pittsburgh Mice Control: Mice are an extremely common problem for homeowners, and can be found in almost every climate throughout the country. The most common types of mice when it comes to infestations are the deer mouse, the white-footed mouse, and the appropriately-named house mouse. Watch out for these pesky critters in crawlspaces, attics, cabinets, and roof spaces, not to mention in any storage boxes.
  • Pittsburgh Vole Control: A markedly different problem for homeowners than rats and mice, voles are commonly found in yards across North America. These rodents build elaborate underground tunnels that can travel through garden plants and fruit trees. While voles may not initially be as alarming as rats or mice, they can seriously tear up your yard if you let them, so do not hesitate to call a pest professional if you spot one of these rodents on your property.

When to Call Our Pittsburgh Rodent Control Company

Although it can be hard to stop a rodent infestation, the best way to do it is simply by hiring a professional before things out of control. Watch out for the signs that you have a rodent problem on your property, and feel free to call Greenix Pest Control anytime for a detailed inspection.

You may be dealing with a rodent problem if:

  • There are scurrying noises coming from your walls
  • There are droppings around your property
  • There are gnawing marks on wooden furniture/fixtures
  • There are funny smells in your attic, crawlspaces, or other dark areas of your home
  • Your lights are flickering on and off (indicating chewing on wiring)
  • Your pets have been acting strange lately
  • Your yard is torn up

Contact Greenix Pest Control for Rodent Treatment & Removal Today

When rodents get inside your home, they can transmit harmful bacteria, viruses, and diseases, bring in fleas, contaminate food with droppings, cause damage to your property, and even bite yourself or your family members and pets. Fortunately, at Greenix Pest Control, we are industry-leaders when it comes to getting rid of rodents and a full range of other pests. Click here to learn more about our Four Seasons Protection, and find out why customers love Greenix in Pittsburgh and beyond for yourself!

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