How to Store Dry Foods to Prevent Pest Infestation

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Everybody gets hungry, but you don’t need to share with the greedy little mouths of pests looking for a free meal. Nothing is less appetizing than opening a container of food to find ants crawling on it or to discover a rodent has chewed holes into the packaging of your favorite pasta. 

Food is a main incentive that drives pests to enter your home, in addition to water and shelter. Improper food storage makes it easier for them to meet their needs, and once they know where they can grab an easy bite, they’re more likely to return when their stomachs are empty again. 

Thoroughly cleaning up any scraps you may have left behind is a great way to help prevent pest infestations in your kitchen and likewise your food. Reduce the number of reasons bugs and rodents are likely to enter, and they’ll probably go elsewhere.

How To Properly Store Dry Foods

Pests might be determined, but there are ways to keep them out of your pantry and cupboards. These tips from the service professionals at Greenix Pest Control can help prevent a pest infestation in your food. 

Do: Use Airtight Containers

Choose containers that are completely sealed and made of durable material. Plastic containers are often more affordable, but some rodents can chew through plastic if they’re dedicated enough to the cause. Metal and glass containers are more resistant. 

Many dry foods can easily be transferred into these containers. Pests target grains the most but they’re not picky. Store your pasta, cereal, rice, seeds, dry meats, nuts, bread, flour, sugar, and other foods in airtight containers.

Do: Store Off the Floor

Space can be hard to come by sometimes, but we strongly discourage you from storing anything on the floor if it could have traces of food on it. 

Even if you’ve purchased extra baking ingredients for future holidays or events, or you’ve bought something in bulk, storing it on the ground leaves it prone to pests. Either store it in a high-quality airtight container or reserve the space at the bottom of your pantry for canned foods or small appliances.

Don’t: Leave Out Pet Food

Dry kibble is super nutritious, making it a pest’s favorite item on the menu. It’s also highly accessible when left in your pet’s food dish on the floor. A delicious meal that’s also easy to reach? Bingo.

The same logic applies to the original bag the food came in. These bags aren’t durable, and pests can easily chew through the material. 

Pick up pet food when your furry friend isn’t eating, and store extra kibble in a solidly sealed container. 

Don’t: Leave a Mess

After you cook or eat a meal, it’s best practice to clean your kitchen and dining area. Wipe down all surfaces, clean dirty dishes, put away all leftovers, and sweep up any crumbs or scraps that might have fallen to the floor. Don’t leave behind anything that a tiny scavenger could find tasty. 

Signs of Pest Infestation in the Kitchen

With the kitchen being the main place for food preparation and consumption, it’s a hot spot for pest activity.

Ant infestations are easy enough to spot. You’ll usually find these pests simply by seeing them. Other types of pest infestations, however, can be more subtle.

Be on the lookout for these signs of pest infestation in food or the other areas in your kitchen:

  • Droppings: Feces and urine can be left behind by virtually all pests, but rodent droppings are the ones you’re most likely to notice. 
  • Odor: A strong ammonia or urine-like scent could suggest a mouse or rat infestation. However, a mild, musty odor might indicate a German cockroach infestation. 
  • Chew damage: Small holes in your packaging could be caused by a number of culprits.

Restore Peace to Your Kitchen With Greenix Pest Control

Pests have no place in your home, especially not in your kitchen or in your food. If you’re dealing with an infestation or are ready to take proactive prevention, Greenix Pest Control is ready to help.

Contact us today to have a Greenix service professional out to your home. We can handle all sorts of pest problems all year round, giving you nonstop peace of mind and protection from hungry invaders.

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