mosquitoes in tall grass

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Backyard: 5 Pro Tips

With summer days offering warm weather and many glorious hours of sunlight, there’s no better time to enjoy your backyard and outdoor living spaces. However, that enjoyment can disappear fast when mosquitoes start invading your property.


Once a mosquito infestation starts, it can be hard to control without help from a pest control professional. Below are some steps that you can take to make your property less attractive to local mosquitoes so that you can avoid an infestation altogether.

1. Keep your grass trimmed short.

Mosquitoes are most active during dawn and dusk because they don’t like the heat during the middle of the day. So where do mosquitoes go when they’re not buzzing about? They love to hide in tall grass because it provides them with plenty of shade.

2. Eliminate standing water and drainage problems.

Female mosquitoes will lay eggs either on stagnant water or right next to it. If your yard has any boggy areas, this could become prime egg-laying territory. Also, try to get rid of standing water in other locations, such as bird baths, clogged gutters, and planters.

3. Use outdoor fans.

Whenever you’re spending time outdoors in your yard or on your patio, deck, or balcony, make sure you have a ceiling fan or outdoor pedestal fan blowing in your direction. This helps repel mosquitoes for two reasons:

  • Mosquitoes have a hard time flying against the “wind” the fan creates.
  • Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide. Basically, every time you breathe out, you make it easier for these pests to find you. However, a fan will help disperse the gases you exhale, which can throw a mosquito “off the scent.”

4. Make use of mosquito-repellent plants.

Male and female mosquitoes feed on nectar, so if you have a beautiful flower garden, you might be attracting more mosquitoes to your property than you like. However, you can combat this problem by interspersing naturally mosquito-repellent plants, such as lavender and catnip, throughout your garden. You can also place them in planters around your outdoor living spaces.

5. Use window and door screens.

Routinely opening your windows can help improve your home’s indoor air quality, but it can also let in mosquitoes and create an indoor infestation. For this reason, you’ll want to install screens over all your windows so that you can leave them open without fear of letting in any pests. If you already have screens, check for any gaps, holes, or rips that require repairs.

Effective, Responsible Mosquito Control and Prevention

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