Unsuspected Pests

Unsuspected Pests

Although this bug is not considered threatening due to the lack of ability to bite or sting it can still be a pest to get rid of if you find them in your home. The Stink Bug is known for entering the home in the cooling fall months to find a suitable place to spend the winter months. Stink Bugs, like ants and termites, enter the home in large numbers. Making it difficult to get rid of them once they have found their way inside your home. Although they pose no health risk, these stink bugs can become an odoriferous nuisance.

Advice to Keep Them Out

With the winter months approaching and numerous pests are looking for a warm place to reside through the winter months, now is the time to pest proof your home, as well as consider getting your home treated by a pest control company.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to keep pests at bay:

1. Seal off all entry points

Walk around the outside of your home and look for any cracks or small holes that could be used to get inside your home. Pay close attention to the areas near piping, chimneys or around doorways. Once you spot these entry points seal them off with a good silicone or silicone-latex caulk.

2. Replace and Repair damages

It is common over time that your screens on your windows and doors develop holes, now is the time to replace those screens. Opening your windows during fall to let in that cool, crisp air is common and having holes in your screens will be an easy access point for these pests.

3. Turn off the lights

Stink bugs are attracted to lights, so it is important to keep the outside lights off when possible and to close the blinds at night.

4. Get rid of moisture spots

Look around your home and check for any leaking pipes or clogged drains.

5. Eliminate their food source

Make sure your food is secured in airtight containers and be diligent in wiping up and sweeping up all food spills to take away their food sources.

6. Check your boxes

With it being the holiday season and decorations coming into your home after being stored for months in the attic or garage. It is important to check your boxes or containers for any bug infestations before bringing them into your home.

These are just a few ways to help avoid these pests entering your home. If you already have a Stink Bug infestation here are a couple of things to keep in mind.

It is common for people to use sticky traps to try to catch the stink bugs, it is overlooked that stink bugs are good fliers and may fly right over these traps.

Vacuuming them up is a common method to clean them up. Keep in mind once stink bugs are crushed they will release an odor that can infest your vacuum for quite some time. If your vacuum is one that has a bag dispose of that bag immediately, but there is no guarantee that it will completely rid your vacuum of the odor.

Once you have noticed a stink bug infestation in your home if not properly taken care of it is likely you will have a repeat infestation the next fall. A pest control company can help get rid of your problem now.