Our Reviews

Last week your service agent Mike serviced our home.  His knowledge and service was outstanding!  He was completely thorough in the treatment of our home, both inside and outside.  After all the spraying for insects, he went the extra mile and removed all cobwebs.  Great Job!!  Would love to have Mike come back on our next service call.

-Judy W.


We have had many service technicians out at our house for the last 18 months doing routine service calls. Every one of them has provided excellent customer service. However, I would like to point out that Collin provided superior customer service at a time when we desperately needed reassurance that our house was protected from mice. He carefully went over our garage attic space and our basement crawl space and reported no signs of current mice activity in our house. I was so relieved that we chose your company to protect our house. Your inspector reaffirmed what we knew to be true. We’re moving on soon to another state, but hopefully your company will continue to expand and we can do business again in the future.

Kim & Derrick W. – Lewis Center


“I was initially skeptical about their service and what they had to say about their product but for some reason I thought that the organic option might be a better option to try out than those nasty chemical options. We gave it a shot and we’re really happy that we picked Greenix to be our pest control vendor. They even backed up their service by following up on a timely basis and even doing free service calls if for some reason we saw something different in terms of bugs and insects. I am very pleased with their service and would happily recommend them to anyone of my friends and family!!!”

Y. Shah-Lewis Center


“Punctual, Reliable, and True to Word. We recently had a terrible flea problem that escelated right under our noses.  Before we knew it it was completely out of control but having a new infant in the house I had been reluctant to have chemicals in the house.  After talking with Brent though he really put my worries at ease and promised they would be out until the problem was resolved and at the set price, no hidden fees.  Boy did they.  I think they came out 5 times that first month, steam cleaned the carpets 3 times, and just gave it so much attention, follow up calls, punctual for EVERY appointment if not early.  I was seriously impressed and so thankful.  The problem is cleared up now and we are doing the quarterly service and as a nice perk now I see practically no spiders or other gross creepy crawlys!  HIGHLY recommend this company .”

J. Kittrell-Dublin


“I looked online for exterminators because I was having a problem with mice. I didn’t want a large companyand  filled out a questionaire that referred me to Greenix. I was called that day by Brent who asked me about my problem and told me of the treatments and alternative that Greenix offtered. I made an appointment which I had to change and they were very gracious about it. They promptly arrived the next day and the technician , Dalton, asked me questions and evaluated the problem. He set up 3 kinds of bait/traps and told me he thought the problem would be taken care of soon. He let me know where each trap/bait was and everything I needed to know and that I could call them back any time. I couldn’t have asked for any better service.”

Anna L.-Columbus OH


“Great Service. We’ve been having some issues with mice and decided to contact a pest control company to resolve our problem, a quick google search led me to a website where i filled out a short inquiry that led me to Greenix Pest Control, I liked what I saw from their website and they literally responded with a phone call within 10 minutes and arranged for one of their techs, Matt, to be at my house within a couple of hours..Matt was very thorough, checked the perimeter of the house and the interior looking for the source of entry, then placed traps in order to catch the unwanted guests and prevent them from coming back…these guys offer great service at very reasonable costs, I signed up for the quarterly service program and I’m very satisfied with the service they provide and I highly recommend them if your in need of insect and/or pest control.”

Nasser N.-Dublin OH


“Great job!. I contacted Greenix and they came out right away within a few hours due to a mouse we saw in our home.  Dalton came out and was very thorough and professional.  We are very happy so far with this service and think it is worth the money.  I will recommend this service to everyone I know.  I look forward to their quarterly inspections and feel like I have a solution if anything comes up.  It is a real relief to know they are there and so responsive!

Tasha S.-Powell OH


“Great Pest Control experience. Funny thing……was running out to the service station from working at my house thinking how much I hate all the spiders around my house.  Bumped into Greenix and started a conversation.  Was signed up in seconds and felt like I found new friends during the conversation.
The experience over the last year with Greenix has been outstanding.  Service is excellent, customer satisfaction is out of the roof with these guys, and most importantly ….. Spiders are GONE!
I highly recommend you give these guys a try!”

Michael L.-Powell OH


“Professional and great service. Greenixis the perfect company for bug/pest issues. We had major ant issues and some hornet issues, and within one service, the problem has been eliminated. They were very professional, on time, and took the time to explain their products and what they were doing. I also like that they use environmentally friendly products. Great company to work with.”

Angela R.-Hilliard OH


“Safe pest control. Every spring we get ants in the house and they solved the problem.  No ants after they spayed and love the fact that the products they use are not harmful to people and pets.”

Suzanne K.-Blacklick OH


“Powell’s answer to spider control. We have been having an ongoing issue with spiders since we moved in here 4 years ago.  They range in size from small to silver dollar size!  We have tried all types of sprays to rid them but nothing has helped.  Greenix came by one day and said that they were doing a treatment for one of our neighbors and sold us on the idea!  We couldn’t be happier and haven’t had any sight of spiders since!  It was a good investment.  Both gentelmen who came out were both very knowledgable, friendly, and very polite.  Their customer service skills were top notch! Definitely would recommend them to friends and neighbors!”

Lisa L-Powell OH


“Greenix took the time to listen to my problems. I have carpenter ants around the house and they treated all the spots. They came on time and were very professional. They took the time to explain the process, material used etc.”

Somya J. Powell OH


“I have never used a pest control company before and or on a regular basis. I checked on Angie’s list and read the reviews; many satisfied customers. I liked that. I also liked the environmentally safe aspect of the product as well; I have dogs and children. I have had issues with black carpenter ants in the house last year and again starting last month.  Chris was in our neighbor with brochures and I was not able to speak with him; but he left a flyer. I called and they had a service guy out that next day/evening. They were able to come out after hours; because  my daughter had an art fair at her school. Willie was very friendly, informative and did a great job. I would love for him to be my specialist; it felt like he cared. I also appreciated that they treated the outside and the inside of the house. So far, first impression is positive. I would recommend them to anyone.”

David B.-Lewis Center OH


“We noticed silver fish and stink bug (don’t know the scientific name!) inside our house on several occasions, and with spring coming did not want to risk a serious infestation. I called Greenix, and they gave an estimate and did a preliminary treatment inside and out. We signed up for treatments every three months and were told not to hesitate to call them if we spotted any more bugs. We did see one or two, phoned Greenix, and they came out promptly and did another treatment at no charge. We liked the courteous treatment we received from the technicians, and on the phone, and the fact that the company tries to be environmentally responsible. All in all, an excellent way of handling customers — and a company I’d recommend highly.”

Michael M.-Columbus OH


“I have never used a pest control company before on a regular basis.  Does seem to keep spiders and other insects from interior of house.  Very nice people to deal with and will respond immediately if I have a concern.  Like the environmentally safe aspect of product.”

Debbie & Mike B. -Dublin OH


“I had Greenix come out because I was having a lot of silverfish, spiders, & millipedes.. I have tried for 2 yrs to get rid of both. The young man who came out was very polite & gave me lots of information. I thought he was very thorough especially when he took a long broom on the outside of my house & got rid of cobweb etc. He left small containers of poison for the silverfish. I continued to see 1 or 2 per week till about the last month since we have had really cold weather. I should have called to ask if they would come out again but never got around to it. I will call them in the spring if I start having trouble again & talk to them about the problem. I have seen no spiders at all until last week when I saw one. I love that they have been gone!”

Karen I.-Grove City OH