Greenix offers a slew of services ranging from protection against the many different insects to prevention and management of nuisance wildlife. A homeowner’s worst enemy can be found right in your back yard, and it’s Greenix’s job to ensure that the outside continues to stay, well, out side. In Ohio, we commonly deal with ants, spiders, centipedes and stinging insects but we are more than capable of dealing with any buggy situation that might pop up. That’s why we offer guaranteed programs assuring that your home stays pest free all year round!
Quarterly Service plans include 4 paid services and as many free reservices needed for all those pop up problems that sometimes arise in between service. If the bugs come back, we’ll come back until they’re gone and that’s a guarantee!

Each service begins with a knock. Our certified technicians will let you know we have arrived to perform your treatment and what it consists of. You may not even need to be home at the time of service as we are able to do the exterior service as planned. After all, most pests are treated from the outside. All treatments are of course weather permitting, so if mother nature’s got something else in mind for that day, your treatment will be automatically rescheduled. Again, if at any time you need us in between for an interior or spot treatment we’re just a phone call away.

The technician begins by sweeping the eaves around your home and checking for any anomalies or problem areas as he or she continues around the perimeter of your home. A second pass is made around your home to apply a spray treatment along the foundation and in cracks and crevices. Lastly, a third pass is made to granulate against the foundation and any immediate mulch beds. If there is anything out of the ordinary or things to watch out for that season, your technician will note it and let you know!

Something a little bit bigger rummaging around in your yard and garden? Greenix can take care of that with safe and humane tactics. Our certified wildlife pros perform a complete inspection, locate the problem areas and formulate a plan of action to manage and reduce nuisance wildlife. We have one-time and recurring solutions to meet the specific needs of the homeowner.
Team Greenix wants to help you cultivate a clean and healthy life style for you and yours by protecting you from bugs, animals and the dangers and diseases they present. We’re also big fans of education, promoting wellness with informational articles and do-it-yourself solutions so that you can be your family’s hero.

Residential Pest Control in Ohio

When pests invite themselves into your home, Greenix has the organic, non-chemical solution to get rid of unwanted critters while keeping your family and pets safe from harm. Get a quote today!

Commercial Pest Control in Ohio

Protect offices, warehouses, and other commercial establishments from pest invasions that can damage inventory and your reputation. Greenix has the effective organic solutions that get rid of insects, rodents, and other pests without in your place of business—and we’ll help you prevent future infestations, too! Get a quote today!