Residential Pest Control

residentialIn addition to being a nuisance, pests in your home can be embarrassing, but more importantly it can create an unsafe environment. Just suspecting that they are there can keep you up at night!

Greenix is a modern Ohio residential pest control company that uses new innovations and technologies to manage and exterminate pest problems in the home and yard. We restore your way of life back to the way it should be by using a combination of non-chemical and synthetic treatments to quickly, discreetly and effectively eliminate unwanted critters. Greenix also provides an EPA 25(b) full treatment to fit our client’s needs.

Our technicians and staff are up to speed on the state of the art technologies and techniques and are fully qualified through state mandated educational courses. We are a licensed and insured pest control company in Ohio who manage and eliminate a myriad of pests to give you peace of mind. You can rest well knowing that our exterminators in Columbus and Cincinnati can help you resolve your residential pest control concerns.

To speak with one of our representatives with questions about pest control or wildlife management in Ohio, give us a call at 614.398.2889 or e-mail us today to set up an appointment!