Spiders are often good to have around because they control the population of other insects that may harm us. The problem arises when Ohio spiders negatively affect human beings and the way they live their lives. Certain spiders are poisonous and bite– besides the fact they are pretty scary looking pests! It is wise to have a pest control company treat your home for spiders.

Two of the deadliest spiders in Ohio are the Brown Recluse and Black Widow. It is very important that anyone bitten by these two different spiders seek medical attention immediately due to the fact that at least a few people die every year from spider bites. In some cases hospitalization is necessary to make a full recovery.

Black widows are easily identifiable by the red hourglass on the underside of her abdomen. A male is considerably smaller than the female and the Black Widow typically lives outdoors.

The Brown recluse Spider loves to be indoors and can be identified by the darker brown hourglass on its back. You may not see it until you are in the area where it is hiding ready to strike at you if you get too close to it. Other spiders sometimes found in Ohiod include the Hobo spider, Saint Andrew’s Cross spider, and Wolf spider to name a few. Bites from these spiders are painful but do not have the same amount of venom that the Brown Recluse spider or Black Widow spider has.

If you have spiders in your Ohio home or business you should contact a spider exterminator right away to help eliminate the problem. Our spider exterminators in Franklin, Delaware, Union, Licking, Fairfield, Pickaway, and Madison counties can help you with control and treatment costs.

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